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Delete porn files immediately

Both home users and corporations are concerned about the need to delete porn and unwanted materials from computer hard drives. Parents need to protect their children from exposure to offensive and potentially corrupting materials, organizations such as schools and universities have the same problem, corporations want to provide a clean environment for their employees and avoid litigation arising from inadvertent exposure to porn, and avoid losses in productivity deriving from employees use of inappropriate material in work time.

Several software products are designed to delete porn from hard drives.

- Snitch will help delete porn from home users computers, it incorporates a range of quite specialized algorithms that try to pick up nudity and so forth in images, videos and other types of files.

- Media Detective is a similar product, it allows parents to detect files that otherwise are difficult to find.

- PinPoint Auditor is designed for auditing enterprise networks in organizations where network scanning and remote analysis of workstations and servers is a key concern. This software will also delete porn remotely, and it provides features like reporting and many other functions specific to network software.





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