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Pornography cleaning software for home and the workplace

Quite a range of different drive cleaner products exist that can be used to remove porn files from PC hard drive. Families are often concerned about the ease of access to unsuitable materials from the internet, and the possibility that these items could be stored locally on the PC. They invariably are pleased to discover that you can detect and clean it up easily with simple to use, user friendly software, if that type of material does in fact exist there.

School's and universities are in a similar predicament, their students have natural sexual drives and curiosity to view this material. They along with corporations, seek to present a clean and safe network environment for their students and employees and not expose themselves to legal actions arising from inadvertent exposure to pornographic items. They also want to avoid losses in productivity deriving from student / employees use of inappropriate material during work/school time.

Another issue is that in-appropriate files place inordinate pressure on IT resources, including reduction of usable bandwidth due to downloading of large video files and images, storage and backup requirements in place to back up inappropriate or illegal files, slower performance in general, additional ongoing maintenance, additional hardware demand and such.

A newer product called PinPoint Auditor, was designed for use by organizations that rely on enterprise scale networks where scanning of networked resources such as workstations and servers is required. This software will also remove porn remotely, and it provides features like reporting and many other functions specific to network software. The need to scan networks for porn is more common than ever.

For the general user market, there are a few good tools that work for home computers. Snitch drive cleaner is one that cleans home users computers, it is designed to detect porn and remove porn quickly and simply. It incorporates a range of quite specialized algorithms that try to pick up nudity and so forth in images, videos and other types of files. Media Detective allows parents to find files that otherwise are difficult to locate on hard drives, particularly if they have been hidden by previous users.




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