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CYBERsitter is a full-featured filtering program that apparently does much more than just filter and block inappropriate websites. It has the ability to monitor web-based chat, send reports to parents via email, and set time restrictions for internet usage. It provides parents with the flexibility of being able to override blocked sites and is designed to be stealthy so that it cannot be detected or tampered with by unauthorized users.

This program is now Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible, and unlike many of its competitors, CYBERsitter does not require the user to pay any recurring subscription fees. The trade-off is that, unlike some competitors, free technical support is only available for the first year of ownership.


Overview of Provider & Product
Provider's Website Website
Cost - $39.95 with discounts available for multiple licenses
- No recurring subscription fees
Free Trial 10 days
Free Email Support For the first year
Free Phone Support For the first year
Reporting Capabilities Yes
Remote Administration Yes
Windows Yes (except Windows 95)
Mac No


Filtering Methods & Capabilities
Blacklist Based Yes
Keyword Based No
Whitelist Based Yes
Image Recognition No
Popup Blocking No
Email Blocking Yes
IM/Chat Blocking Yes
Newsgroup Blocking Yes
Program Download Blocking No
Editable Filter Lists (by Authorized User) Yes
Instant Override of Blocks (by Authorized User) Yes, but only after reboot
Monitor Without Filtering Yes
Protect Personal Information No

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