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We-Blocker, developed by TechMission SafeFamilies, is a free-to-download internet and parental control filter. The design of this software was reportedly based on technology used by Note that internet filtering products like this one that prevent access to websites are different in operation to tools that detect adult or inappropriate material that already exists on a computer. NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY DEVELOPED.

Techmission's We-Blocker gives parents a reasonable amount of flexibility by enabling them to request modification of the blacklist, specify keywords to block, and to maintain a record of activity and violations on the internet. One trade-off, however, is that the modification of the blacklist can only be done via request to the developer.

Other reviews have indicated that while We-Blocker is not nearly as powerful as some of its counterparts, it is a pretty good, easy-to-use program.


Overview of Provider & Product
Provider's Website Website
Cost Free
Free Trial n/a
Free Email Support Unknown
Free Phone Support Unknown
Reporting Capabilities No
Remote Administration No
Windows Yes (except Windows Vista)
Mac No


Filtering Methods & Capabilities
Blacklist Based Yes
Keyword Based Yes
Whitelist Based No
Image Recognition No
Popup Blocking No
Email Blocking No
IM/Chat Blocking No
Newsgroup Blocking No
Program Download Blocking No
Editable Filter Lists (by Authorized User) No (changes must be requested via email)
Instant Override of Blocks (by Authorized User) No
Monitor Without Filtering No
Protect Personal Information No

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