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Naomi is (WAS, this product is not actively developed any more, but appears to be still available) a content filter specializing in making the internet a safe place for children. The program does not use blacklists or whitelists like many of its competitors. The program performs its task by analyzing written web content, web addresses and links within web sites.

The program recognizes all major languages, enables blocking of file-sharing applications and is capable of working on a slow internet connection. Naomi is a good alternative for those families wishing to save money on their internet filter, as the program is available as freeware.

While the developer's website contains some information on what Naomi can and cannot do, the information is a little vague in some respects. For those who want to know more, however, the programmer can be contacted directly via the website.


Overview of Provider & Product
Provider's Website Website
Cost Free
Free Trial n/a
Free Email Support Yes
Free Phone Support No
Reporting Capabilities Unknown
Remote Administration Unknown
Windows Yes (except Windows 95, 98/me & XP 64-bit)
Mac No


Filtering Methods & Capabilities
Blacklist Based No
Keyword Based Yes
Whitelist Based No
Image Recognition No
Popup Blocking Unknown
Email Blocking Unknown
IM/Chat Blocking Unknown
Newsgroup Blocking Unknown
Program Download Blocking Yes
Editable Filter Lists (by Authorized User) No
Instant Override of Blocks (by Authorized User) Unknown
Monitor Without Filtering Unknown
Protect Personal Information No

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