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K9 Web Protection is an internet filtering program that enables parents to customize what they want their children to view and access online. K9 filters via category settings, keywords, search engine restrictions and a user-modifyable blacklist of addresses.

K9 uses a commercial-grade filtering solution, which is s a combination of a central database and dynamic page-rating technology. This program is quite flexible and its free to download. Users can also request multiple copies for multiple computers. However, unlike competitor products on the market, K9 is only a web filter - it's features don't include functions such as filtering and blocking of emails, newsgroups, chat and instant messages.

The developers of K9 are currently porting the program for use on Mac systems.


Overview of Provider & Product
Provider's Website Website
Cost Free
Free Trial n/a
Free Email Support Web-based support only
Free Phone Support Emergencies only
Reporting Capabilities Yes
Remote Administration No
Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP & Windows Vista Only
Mac No


Filtering Methods & Capabilities
Blacklist Based Yes
Keyword Based Yes
Whitelist Based No
Image Recognition No
Popup Blocking No
Email Blocking No
IM/Chat Blocking No
Newsgroup Blocking No
Program Download Blocking No
Editable Filter Lists (by Authorized User) Yes
Instant Override of Blocks (by Authorized User) Yes
Monitor Without Filtering Yes
Protect Personal Information No

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